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Q: How do I reserve a lane?
A: We actually don't reserve single lanes.  Open Bowling is first come, first served. 

*Please call ahead for Open Bowling times and availability - 702-293-2368

Q: How many people can bowl on a lane?
A: Six (6) people max

Q: Do you have bumpers and/or ball rollers for kids?
A: Bumpers = yes.  Ball rollers = no

Boulder Bowl is historical Americana.  In many ways, our lanes are like they were in 1947.  

We cannot have ball rollers because they scratch our vintage approaches. 

Our bumpers are also vintage, so they are not automatic.  This means that bumpers are either up or down for every bowler on any given lane.  (Sorry, we cannot put bumpers up and down for each bowler.)

Q: What are your hours?

  • Tuesdays - 2pm - 9pm

  • Wednesdays - 1pm - 4pm

  • Thursdays - 10am - 9pm

  • Fridays -  10am - 9pm

  • Saturdays - 11am - 10pm

  • Sundays - 11am - 5pm

  • Mondays - Closed

*Please call for Open Bowling times

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Q: What is your address?
A: 504 California Ave, Boulder City, Nevada, 89005

Fun Fact: Boulder City is home to the Hoover Dam, Est. 1936

Q: What is your contact info?

  • Instagram
  • Facebook

Q: Do you have parking?
A: Absolutely!  It's free too :)  

Q: How do I join a league?
A: Check out the LEAGUES section of our website for more info.  Thanks for your interest!   

Q: Do you serve food and drinks?
A: But of course! We have a full bar and lots of yummy food/snacks.  Please check the BAR, FOOD & GIFTS section of our website for menus.

Q: What are your prices?
A: Our prices are awesome!  For more details, please check out the PRICES section of our website.

Q: What did your recent renovation include?
A: You are so sweet to ask!  (We are really proud of our recent updates.)  The main improvement was our replacement of all the pinsetters.  The old ones were from the 1960's & had served their time.  We also installed cool new carpet and checker-board tiles.  Then we did some painting, replaced the old ceiling fans, and installed custom built tables.  Now we are running smoothly and looking fabulous doing so!

Q: How can I buy Boulder Bowl merch?
A: We have oodles of super snazzy gifts (for you or another) - including gift cards!  Check out the GIFTS & MERCH 
section of our website for info and images.  Then stop by Boulder Bowl and get yours! 

Have more questions?

We are happy to answer them!

Call or email us:  


Q: What are Boulder Bowl party options?

  • Full Venue Rental = 8 Lanes, 50 (max) people - $250 per hour

  • 2:2:10 Party = 2 Lanes, 2 hours, 10 people + 10 hot dogs/nachos & 10 medium sodas - $150

  • 3:2:15 Party = 3 lanes, 2 hours, 15 people +15 hot dogs/nachos & 15 medium sodas - $225

  • 4:2:20 Party = 4 Lanes, 2 hours, 20 people + 20 hot dogs/nachos & 20 medium sodas - $300

*Prices include games and shoe rentals

*Prices don't include gratuity

Q: Are there age restrictions?
A:​ No and Yes.  While everyone is welcome at Boulder Bowl, for safety reasons, all children 7 years old and younger must be accompanied by an adult at all times.  We don't book parties for groups of children younger than 8 years old. (Adults must outnumber young kids.)

Q: What types of decorations are not allowed?
A: Basically anything that could possibly damage the venue, clog a vacuum, or offend other guests/staff is prohibited.  This includes, but is not limited to, confetti, glitter, and exploding balloons.  Call us if you have questions about decoration options.

Q: What food & drinks can I bring to my party?

  • Full Venue Rental = Any outside food or drinks are allowed, EXCEPT alcohol and popcorn.  (You cannot bring alcohol or popcorn.)

  • 2:2:10 Party = You are welcome to bring cake, cookies, or cupcakes.  No other outside food and drinks are permitted.

  • 3:2:15 Party = You are welcome to bring cake, cookies, or cupcakes.  No other outside food and drinks are permitted.

  • 4:2:20 Party = You are welcome to bring cake, cookies, or cupcakes.  No other outside food and drinks are permitted.

Q: Can I add additional people to a 2:2:10/3:2:15/4:2:20 Party?
​ Nope, sorry.​  If you would like to invite more people, then we recommend purchasing a larger party package. 

Q: Can I book two 3:2:15 or 4:2:20 Parties at the same time?
​ Nope.​  We can only have a total of four lanes maximum in use at one time for 2:2:10/3:2:15/4:2:20 Parties.  If you want eight lanes, then please call us to book a Full Venue Rental Party. 

Q: Can I book a 2:2:10/3:2:15/4:2:20 Party for shorter or longer than 2 hours?
A: No, sorry.  These party packages aren't flexible.

Q: How long can I book a Full Venue Rental for?
A: 1 - 3 hours  (Or possibly longer!)

Q: What is the afterhours cost of a party?
A: Depends.  Please call us for afterhours pricing and availability. 

*To extend a party after hours, there is an extra $50 charge (in addition to the hourly rate)

Q: Why choose Boulder Bowl for my party?
A: Because we are the home of Dam Fun Bowling, Since 1947!  Boulder Bowl will make your party a wonderful experience - for an awesome price.  Thanks to all our patrons.  We appreciate your support of our historical, little alley!



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