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Host your next charity event at Boulder Bowl! 

Hosting your fundraiser at Boulder Bowl is a great and unique way to get people involved in your event. With good, wholesome entertainment, tasty food and drinks, and fun for all ages, we make it easy for you to get people in the door and keep them entertained. 


Putting a charity event together can require a lot of organizing and planning - we want to make sure your event goes smoothly. We offer expert planners that will put together a perfect fundraiser designed specifically for you and your guests. We will help you with everything from food and drink packages to preparing games and activities.  There are many advantages to hosting your fundraiser at Boulder Bowl:  ​

  • We offer food and drink packages customized for your fundraising participants.

  • Bowling, tournaments and other games will keep your guests interacting and entertained - people who are having fun will stay longer and feel good about their donation

  • People of all ages and backgrounds can participate, leading to a bigger crowd and great word-of-mouth PR about your cause.

  • With temperature-controlled, indoor play and activities in our event facility, you never have to worry about weather affecting your event.

  • Our experienced party professionals will help you feel like a professional fundraiser. 

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